Green Ridge Golf Club
Gallery of Photographs

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  1. Autumn Splendor
  2. Twilight Golf on a mild Winter's day
  3. Autumn Enchantment
  4. Winter Play at Green Ridge
  5. The 14th Hole
  6. The 9th Hole
  7. Hole 9 Fairway
  8. Finishing up the Front Nine
  9. Par 4 at the 9th
  10. The 9th Hole
  11. Sweet Satisfaction
  12. Vintage touches throughout...
  13. Winter Golf in the late afternoon...
  14. Get ready to golf!
  15. Fall Season at Green Ridge Golf Course, Johnson N.Y.
  16. Talk about a Birdie!
  17. Fall friends...
  18. Flowers and Foliage
  19. Green Ridge Golf Club
  20. Challenge yourself from the start!
  21. Golf Cart Lanes
  22. Hidden Delights
  23. The First Hole
  24. Enjoy unhurried play AND our Special Senior Discount
  25. Hole 14
  26.  For A Unique Golfing Experience...
  27. The Vintage Golfer
  28. Just a hint of our clubhouse decor...
  29. Green Ridge Golf Club
  30. Two for Tee at Green Ridge
  31. Surrounded by Nature
  32. Fall at Green Ridge Golf Course
  33. Green Ridge Golf Club
  34. Vintage Golfing Sign
  35. Spring means golf...
  36. The 12th Hole

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